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We thoroughly support can's 

social contribution through tha can parts





 Business policy

・We thoroughly support the social contribution of cans through the can parts and the related technologies.

Commercial cans which include 18L can, 4L can, 20L round can are produced nearly three hundred million annually.
The contents are coating material, lubricating oil, detergent, cooking oil, soy sauce, adhesive bond, and so on.  Cans are used for its' distribution and  storage, so it is certain that cans contribute to the society quite widely.

We provide a parts of can which is  necessary for the industry with beliefs of "To provide good products early at a low price", "To develop the products which fit to terms of use ", "To offer the service not only providing items, but also technical support ".

・We attempt to show all abilities of individuals in the best form together.

We consider that we should fully show all members' abilities.
It will relate to offer customers the best service and we can feel proud through rewarding work.
Our trademark, "steady progress" means to advance consistently monthly and daily. It is our company motto and it is also most important task for individuals.

・We will understand the actual circumstances by taking a look at real things at the production site and deal with the matter in accordance with the principles.

We aim for scientific manufacturing because it is an necessary term of customer support. For that reason, we consider it is important to understand the production site, real thing and actuality. And it is also a mission to make a rule from our experiences and use it effectively.

・We will reduce all of the wastes and earn the biggest profit to restore the benefit both customers and us.

The company is a public institution and it should functions properly.
That is why it enables the new investments, development of products, employment, responsible provisions, and so on.
We need to make a sufficient profit to support customers totally and to develop  human resources.
In order to enable these attempts,  we aim to get rid of a loss at all opportunities.

・We will contribute to the society through developing our own abilities both in Japan and abroad

There are a lot of places to utilize our abilities not only in Japan, but also overseas and we will pursue the possibility as much as  possible.
Our aim is to contribute to the society through the jobs.
We will positively challenge the attempts beyond the industry type and the country.



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