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​B type cap

【Main purposes】

Caps are used for 4L can, 18L can, 20L round can.


It is used for foods, paints, chemicals. 

We also have a cap that adapted to Product Liability Law (開栓注意 mark).

*It is possible to add the printing by special order.

【​Information of developed products.】
 Introduction of our developed products,「APK Cap」「Rakka-Less」「BG Twin Cap」.

​ ◆APK Cap

It is a representative product of Hirohama which solved "capping damage to cap" and "setting damage to neck".We formerly sold AP Cap, but now we offer APK Cap for B40 Cap and B50 Cap after the improvement.We have already finished the development for B70 Cap.
 (Please contact us for more information.)


​ ◆Rakka-Less

B type Rakka-Less Cap is a industry's first product which have projections to prevent packing from falling when cans are opened.

Most of packings drop from former cap when we open it and it causes dirty of hands or packing.This product solved those problems.


Former Cap


​◆BG Twin Cap

*It is a new version of popular BR Ring Cap.

*We raise sealing function by curling the bottom of protector.

*We can open it easily because protector is split from the surface of cut.

*It is suitable for food can because of high safety.

Former Twin Cap has some problems in terms of sealing function.

For example, it happened that the caps easily come off because of contacting with bottom of round cans during transportation or use of drivers.

BG Twin Cap was produced to improve safety by curling the bottom of protector.
We can prevent cap from being removed by driver.

It is also used for export can because of high air-tightness.

Please refer to a manual to open caps correctly.


There are various series of packings depend on uses.

Cap that packing was set/ There are a lot of packings depends on contents.

Cap that packing was set.

Seat Packing

There are a lot of packings depends on contents.

The surface is laminated by aluminum foil or PP(polypropylene).
It is used for foods and lubricating oil.

Poly Tap

It is made of polyethylene and suitable for products that is required air-tightness.

Poly Packing

It is made of polyethylene. It is heat-proof and suitable for foods.
There are PE, KP, APK types.


There are various series of protectors depend on uses.
Separate type means to use cap and protector separately.
Please use dedicated clamping tool except for Poly Protector.

Protector Standard type

Tin round type

Protector A

Tin bridge type

​Ring Protector

Tin ring type(BR/BG). Rust-proof.
BG Protector is fully sealed type.

Poly Protector H

Synthetic resin.

A type cap

Screw Cap for general can, 18L can,and so on.

【Main purposes】

**It is possible to add the printing by special order.

【Raleted products】

Sheet Packing (Packing is set to cap)

Poly Tap

Flip Cap

Conical Top



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