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​B type neck

Main purposes

This neck is widely used for 4L can, 18L can, 20L round can.
We generally use tin, but we also have neck that is made of stainless, polyethylene or pet film type.
Those products are widely used for foods, paints, chemicals.
Sealing compound is used to portion of neck set to raise air-tightness function.

上カシメ type: Clamp the neck at the upper part of top metal.

​B40 BH  , B50 BH

​B40 BL non-rubber type

​下カシメ type: Clamp the neck at lower part of the top metal.

​B40 B1 , B50 , B70

【Information of products.】



Poly Neck

​B40 B2

Stainless type products / It is suitable for foods and chemicals.

B40 , B50 

The product that TFS (Tin Free Steel) is laminated.
It is suitable for foods and chemicals.

B40 , B50 , B70

It is made of polyethylene and suitable for chemicals and detergents.
There are two types.
It is capable of using with poly pipe.

​A type neck

【Main purposes】

Screw Neck for general can,18L can,and so on.

​【Information of products.】

A type

There are all kinds from A27 to A55 necks. It is 下カシメ type.

AH type

It is only A45 neck of 上カシメ type.



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