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Common questions


Although I use EG Crimp cap, it was pointed out that the material of the sealing compound is unsuitable to environmental problem.
  *Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP)


Because of the change of law in August 2003, it was permitted to mainly use Polyvinyl chloride that contains Bis phthalate as material for manufacturing.
As a result of the survey of our product, it proved that #50 EG Crimp Cap's sealing compound (foam rubber) contains a small amount of that material.

Therefore, we developed new product, "#50 EG Crimp Cap with Poly Tap" that doesn't use sealing compound after six months of development.
Poly Tap was put to usual Crimp Cap and it passed safety test (Air-tightness, Food hygiene, Environmental problem).

As mentioned above, we recommend our product "#50 EG Crimp Cap with Poly Tap" to customers who have environmental problems.

​<#50 EG Crimp Cap with Poly Tap>


We have a problem that Attachment Plate (part of fixing grip to 18L can) got rusty brown.


Tin is mainly used for Attachment Plate, but tin generally got rusty brown and customers may have bad images.

Unfortunately, we don't have 100% rust-proof type.

However, there are two products which does not rust brown.


 DS 08 Spot Attachment Plate Alstar
It is an aluminum-plating processed product and it doesn't rust brown.
Strictly speaking, a part of the surface is discolored white because of the corrosion.

​<Grip ・ Attachment Plate


Poly Tap was deformed and leaking accident was happened.
The can was filled at high temperature for foods. (Hot pack 80℃)


We infer following causes.

When we set Poly Tap to neck, it is contracted because contents are high temperature.
Even though contents become low temperature, polyethylene can't back to original size, so contents leaked.

We recommend you following product.

<B40 KP Packing>
KP Packing is heat-proof product and strict to weight.
It is suitable for foods container which is piled up at warehouse after filling at high temperature.
You can use it safely because it passed  food hygiene standard.

​<poly Tap>

​<KP Packing>


It is pointed out that neck often rust.


<Coating type Neck>

We have those rust-proof products.

1. Coating type Neck
Yellow wax is apply to neck. We buy the material from SAKURANOMIYA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.

2. Stainless Neck
Neck is processed specially by stainless material.
However, you need to pay attention to potential difference because of different metals.

3. Pet Film Neck
Neck is processed by material that pet is laminated.
However, there is a possibility that the neck rust if the material is scraped each other and the contents adhere to scratch.

4. Poly Neck
You can use it even if tin neck can't be used, such as cans for surfactant.
It is the only synthetic resin neck that use LLD polyethylene.
However, the synthetic resin neck is slightly inferior to tin neck in heat-proof.

<Stainless Neck>

<Pet Film Neck>

<Poly Neck>


The can expands because gas is generated depending on the contents.


There are 2 type of Gas Releasing Cap that prevent can expanding.

<Cap's tap is processed specially>

1. A special fiber (Teflon) is bonded to the center pillar of poly tap.                      

It discharges gas and prevents the expansion of the can.
However, it is prohibited to sideways.
(Contents are attached to Teflon part, and gas cannot be discharged.)


2. There is a diagonal cut at the center pillar of poly tap.
Gas is discharged from cut and prevents the expansion of the can.
However, it is prohibited to sideways.
(Contents are attached to cut part, and gas cannot be discharged.)

Gas Releasing Cap


Cap is easily removed by driver even though it was clamped by clamping tool.
We need virgin type cap that can keep unopened.


We recommend you BG Twin Cap.

It is an only fully-sealed type in the product that the cap is set to protector.  The bottom of protector is curled, so we can prevent cap from being removed by driver.

It is often used for food can, lubricating oil can, and so on.

It is also available for UN standard (International standard for long-distance transportation by ship).

<BG Twin Cap>


We need product that packings are not dropped while opening cap.


We recommend you Rakka-Less Cap.

It is designed so that the packing does not fall off.
(Three projections of cap hold packing.)

That is why you don't need to put the packing back into the cap.

In addition, it is possible to prevent packing from being attached to the can mouth by the contents and falls off.

<Rakka - Less Cap>


The painted part of the coating type neck is peeled off while capping


The part of cap is damaged while capping.

<APK Packing>


APK Packing solved those problems.

APK Packing prevent capping damage and peeling off neck's painting.
It is suitable for  preventing foreign substance contamination.


It has good function of heat-proof and weight-resistance  as well as KP Packing.
We recommend you to solve those problems.



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