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We thoroughly support can's 

social contribution through tha can parts





Message from the president

Former president, Hirohama Juji founded Hirohama Factory in 1947 and his dream was to become a maker.
At first, we only had subcontract work.
The vision that we drew in that situation is still alive as the spirit of Hirohama Corporation.

We established JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), and we also made efforts to develop new products, acquire Intellectual property rights, improve quality.
All of those actions were essential to establish a foundation as a maker.


From now on, we sincerely fulfill our mission to support can's social contribution with a proud of maker.


The quality, cost reduction, responsibility of supply, selection of products, technical support, proposal type sales are necessary to realize above attempt.
We will continue improving our level in all fields.


広浜 庄一郎



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