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We thoroughly support can's 

social contribution through tha can parts





Hirohama group is active in multiple fields in the world and produce synergism.

In Countries

​Sub Hirohama Corporation

They are in charge of transportation section.
Moreover, they support customer's expansion into South Asia, including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal. (Hirohama head office, Chiba Plant, Osaka Plant)


They are in charge of plastic section.
They have production system that achieve high quality such as clean room.
(Nagara-machi, tyosei-gun, Chiba)

P・S Hirohama Corporation Yachimata Plant

They contribute to produce small quantity of many varieties for Hirohama.
(Yachimata-shi, Chiba)

P・S Hirohama Corporation Shoo Plant

They contribute to strengthen the productivity in western Japan for Hirohama.
(Shoo cho, Katsuta-gun, Okayama)

Altop Corporation

They produce parts of can for spice and nuts.
The cap is also used for preserved food container which is useful during the disaster. (Iwaki-shi, Fukushima)

Foreign Countries

Hirohama India Private.Ltd

They offer the service that customers can spend a Japan like life in India.
As a pioneer, they developed food and house infrastructure for hotels, rental offices, rental cars, Japanese food restaurants near Delhi. (India/Delhi)

Hirohama Ceylon Pvt.,Ltd

They opened Japanese restaurant, "Ku-raku" in Sri Lanka.
In August 2017, they celebrated the first anniversary of the opening.
(Sri Lanka/Colombo)



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